Sand & Aggregate

Sand & Aggregate

The YARD will provide you with the finest sand & aggregate products for all your landscaping project needs. We strive to deliver these materials with the same high-quality and personalized service that we have promised. We supply sand, gravel, and other building needs as well as landscaping products with several years of experience.

This is one of the reasons why we have retained the reputation of high-quality construction materials, excellent service and strong experience to ensure that you get the product you need.

We have provided our customers with a wide variety of sands for a range of different tasks, including sharp sand, river sand, and coarse sand, all of which are of premium quality.


Newcastle Sand

To use for rendering, grouting or tiling Newcastle Sand is very fine washed sand. It is also ideal for the children’s sandpit

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White Bricklaying Sand

This type of sand is a perfect option for brick and mortar mix. Mixing with Grey or Off White Cement for different mortar colours enhance its productivity.


Yellow Bricklaying Sand

Ideal for brick and mortar mix. Mixed with either Grey or Off White Cement giving a different colour mortar.

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Paving / River Sand

For paving or supporting storm water piping coarse sand with small fines without a doubt is an impeccable ingredient that gives good compaction and filtration. It is used a sand for the concrete mix as well.


Special Fill Sand

Superlative for filling areas or around copper and electrical conduit piping Special Fill Sand is finer white washed sand.


Concrete Mix – 10mm

If you need to add cement and water, a pre-mix of 10mm gravels and sands is required, especially for making concrete. It is also great option to build concrete or core fill blocks.


Stabilised Sand

A blend of cement and sand mixed to the following ratios:
33:1 – 3%
25:1 – 3.8%
20:1 – 4.8%
14:1 – 6.7%
12:1 – 7.7%
10:1 – 9%
9:1 – 10%
8:1 – 11%
** We can supply stabilised sand upon request.

Sand for Building

We offer our specially mixed construction sands to satisfy the need for major projects. The selection of sands available at The YARD were deliberately selected for their purity and consistency, offering you the best materials to choose from in the industry.

Our stock includes Concrete Mix for easy integration with cement for spreading or pouring into moulds, and White or Yellow Bricklaying sand which is ideal for brick and mortar mixes.

Sand for Landscaping

Our selection includes Paving/River Sand for landscape paving, Special Fill Sand for filling in trenches, Stabilised Sand for leveling and bedding and Newcastle Sand for rendering or tiling, or as sand for a children’s play area.

We have selected all our products from reputable sources to ensure that our clients can have the best tools to do their job.

Sand Delivery - Sydney Wide

Whether you need our range of sand for a magnificent infrastructure or the sand to be used for a residential project, The Yard delivers 6 days a week in areas of Parramatta & Greater Sydney. We strive to ensure that our high-quality building and landscaping sand arrive on time at your site.

Throughout our years of trading, we’ve been able to collect experience from working with many different industries, including the building and landscaping trades. We treat every job equally – no job is too big or too small.

Call The YARD today if you’d like to learn more about how Sydney’s leading Sand Supplier can assist you.

Bulk Sand Supplies Near You

The YARD helps to start your construction and landscaping projects in the right way through the services of Sand Supplies. We offer high quality sand and other materials. We work closely with our local contractors and businesses to make sure that you can deliver special quality products at economical rates.

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Why Choose Us?

While choosing the sand for your project, it is essential to take in emphasis the purpose that requires sand for as multiple variations of sands that have multiple properties that may influence the result of your project in many ways.

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We are proud of the top level of service that we offer to our entire customer even small or big.

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At The YARD, we have a strong relationship with providers to make sure that we bring you to the highest quality.

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The YARD is always there to source the best things at the best prices with the most credible service.



Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, we guarantee that we will always be reliable and have no hidden fees.



We deliver your orders anywhere in Parramatta & Greater Sydney areas.



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