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Blocks and squares have been the material of decision for development for an extremely lengthy timespan. Simple to ship, utilize and keep up, they are a significant part of any contemporary structure. At The YARD, we guarantee that we give quality blocks and bricks to our customers, convey to any site across Sydney and assure immediate, productive help.

The YARD has a large range of bricks from scratch faced commons to dry pressed solids. Making their storage an easy strategy these both come in pallets of 400. Convenient to move and keep on site. Bricks also can be delivered to any location across Sydney.

The YARD Building Supplies - Scratch Face Commons

Concrete Blocks

Our solid squares are sourced from Adbri Masonry, and all the more explicitly their top-notch Litec range. Litec solid blocks are produced using up to 85% modernby products, making them more naturally cordial than different assortments, and up to 30% lighter than conventional stone work items. This assists with lessening the trouble of moving them and taking care of them on location. It additionally implies that more blocks can be put away per square meter of bed space, lessening stockpiling challenges. All Litec solid block likewise have decreased imperviousness to fire thereby making them a safer selection.

Our concrete blocks can be delivered across Sydney and come in full, ends, half, corner and cleanout varieties.

Sydney Wide Delivery - 6 Days a Week

No Project is too small, The YARD provides brick delivery services from home renovations to large infrastructure projects.

Call us on 1800 843 927 to discuss how we can supply bricks for your next project.


Scratch Face Commons & Mix Commons


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Dry-Pressed Solids

Besser Blocks
Concrete Bricks
Concrete Blocks


Concrete Blocks

100, 150, 200 & 300mm series blocks available

Brick walls for residential homes
Retaining walls
Vertical block walls
Carpark and shed walls

Bricks Common Natural Cement Building & Landscape Supplies

Concrete Bricks

L: 230mm x D: 110mm x H: 76mm

Brick walls for residential homes
Vertical block walls
Carpark and shed walls
Garden walls and fences


Bricks Besser Natural Cement Building & Landscape Supplies

Besser® Blocks

100, 150, 200 & 300mm series blocks available

Brick walls for residential homes
Retaining walls
Vertical block walls
Carpark and shed walls

Brick and Block

Construction Materials Delivery?

The YARD is the Leading Brick Suppliers in Sydney that Meets the Need Beyond Your Expectations.

Founding a new building either it is a home, commercial site or a factory, purity and strength of construction material is the top-most requisite. Because buildings are the structures that you cannot replace yearly once you have established it rather you want them to keep standing magnificently for a lifetime.

Bricks and blocks are one of the vital materials that help you build a strong erection. So, whenever you need to construct any portion of the building or a complete structure don’t put your energy and money at risk and connect with The YARD only. We are trustworthy Brick Suppliers in Sydney who offer a wide range of bricks type according to your wish.

Why choose The YARD ?

The answer lies under the fact that our years of expertise and the flawless delivery system never let you down, no matter how urgent you need the material. Our fair prices and commitments keep your excitement for a strong building construction high.

We Offer Same Day Delivery

Our 24 hours a day and six days a week service can supply your addressed bricks and block materials on the same day at any location as our massive transport and truckload system ensures better safety and quick delivery.

We Offer Wide Types and Range

From scratch face commons to dry-pressed solids and concrete block we have an extensive variety of bricks all available in accessible quantity. So you can choose easily from our stock according to your convenience.

Quality Matters

All our products are characterized by supreme quality. The sturdiness and brilliance of our products are what we are confident about. We quote you that once you connected with us you would not regret your decision.

Anywhere and Anytime

Once you decided to purchase bricks from us you just need to stay calm after giving your location.
We will deliver it to you anywhere in Sydney.

Safe Provision

No matter what the order is i.e., either it is small or big stay relaxed because we do it with equal love, dedication ensuring 100% safety of your goods. The YARD, being the most reliable service provider of Brick Suppliers in Sydney, transports your brick material with utmost care and affection.

Moreover, we are proudly partnered with GELINTAL®, Cement Australia, HOLCIM, ANL®, Adbri MASONRY working together, PGH BRICKS & PAVERS ™ so our strong bondings help you establish strong buildings!

Get in touch with us to get the best deal

We are always available to assist you with any query that you might have in relation to all of our products and services. We take pride in providing everything that we do and look forward to hearing from your side. You can drop an email at or call us by dialling 1800 843 927, our representative will be more than happy to serve you. We help you establish your dream building!

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, we guarantee that we will always be reliable and have no hidden fees.



We deliver your orders anywhere in Parramatta & Greater Sydney areas.



Providing 24-hour service 6 days a week, your order will be delivered anytime you need it.

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