Cement & Dry Mix

Cement & Dry Mix

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Cement Australia Brand

General Purpose Cement

Cement Australia Premium Portal Cement blends with raw materials to suit your project conforms to AS3972 type GP

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Builder Cement

Cement Australia Blended Cement for a more workable mix with sand for aggregate for concrete Confirms to A53972 Type GB

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Rapid Set Concrete

Cement Australia Rapid Set Concrete – No mixing required, just add clean water addrox 2x20kg bags per post hole Great for small jobs.

Boral Concrete Mix 20kg Bag

Concrete Mix

Cement Australia Concrete Mix is a quality blend of cement, sand and aggregates , designed for small projects around the home or garden. Its versatility allows it to be used for garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations, footings, posts and uprights for pergolas.

Boral Extra Strength PRO-50 20kg Bag Concrete Mix

Extra Strength PRO-50

Cement Australia Extra Strength PRO-50 is designed to deliver twice the strength of a standard concrete mix, so you can build with confidence for more demanding projects.

Boral Post Set Concrete 20kg Bag

Post Set Concrete

Cement Australia Post Set Concrete is a proportioned blend of cement, sand and aggregate, ideally suited for stabilising non-structural posts including fence posts, letter boxes and clothes lines. For a stronger, more durable finish, Cement Australia recommends using Extra Strength Pro-50.

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Hydrated Lime

Cement Australia Hydrated Lime – Bleeds with sands & cement for mortar. Enhances mortor bond strength & workability


Sand & Cement

Cement Australia Sand & Cement – Pre-blended quality sand & Cement convenient & easy to use. Further construction can take place after 24 hours Approx 7.5 liters of mortar per 20kg bag.


Off White Cement

Cement Australia Off-White Cement – Blends with raw materials to suit your project. Light Coloured cement for a brighter finish Suits Oxide addition for a coloured finish conforms to AS3972 type HE.

Cement White Cement 20kg Bag

White Cement

Cement Australia White Cement is ideal for applications requiring a decorative finish. It eliminates the addition of white oxide for use in grouts and renders where a premium whiteness has to be achieved; it provides a brighter finish when colour oxides are added. Conforms to Australian Standards (AS3972).

Cement Australia Clay for Rendering and Brick Laying 20kg Bag


Cement Australia bagged Clay is a finely milled, air separated clay used as a plasticiser in mortar and render applications where sands are low in clay content. The product can be used as a general purpose filler.

Why Choose The YARD ?

Having been in this field for many years The YARD is the leading supplier of construction and landscape materials in all of NSW and Sydney. We are equipped with unparalleled industry involvement and top of the range materials. We supply a wide variety of construction materials from concrete, bars, mesh, sand to cement, and much more. Each product is characterized by the distinctive firmness and strength required to sustain a superb building. We aim to achieve and maintain the highest customer service in terms of cost, productivity, and on-time availability.

We are in Your Range

At The YARD, we strive to serve every customer or builder who is on the lookout of cement, bars, and other building material. That is why we have kept our prices so low that it is accessible to everyone and no one can resist our amazing offerings. Moreover, we believe in fair and honest quotes in this way we keep you away from the phantom of any hidden charges.

Clients’ Satisfaction is Our Honour

The YARD serves its customers nationwide and happy to listen to their needs each time. We work for you until you are satisfied. Because we worth our clients’ goals.

Quality is our Priority

Cement and dry mixes at The YARD come in a vast range and each kind has its own uniqueness and excellent quality.

Our Cement Range is Useful to any Purpose

From rapid set concrete, general-purpose cement, builders cement, extra strength pro-50, concrete mix to hydrated lime, and a whole lot more every cement product is procured in perfect ratios and mix that is best suitable for your need.

We Have Got You Covered

So if you need any type of cement in sag, bulk, or in kilograms don’t hesitate to submit your request we are here to serve you with love and dedication regardless of the size of your order i.e., small or big. Our aim is to help our clients and intellectuals establish strong as well as majestic buildings that stand forever.

Weather-Resistant and Long-Lasting

At The YARD, you will love our products for one more reason that is we source cement and other materials from our trustworthy partners i.e., Cement Australia, HOLCIM, ANL®, Adbri MASONRY working together, PGH BRICKS & PAVERS ™, etc. they manufacture all materials in top quality and innate strength so no storm our earthquake can crack your walls and other erections. We are your all in one Cement Supplier in Sydney.

Get in touch with us to get the best deal!

We are always available to assist you with any query that you might have in relation to all of our products and services. We take pride in providing everything that we do and look forward to hearing from your side. You can drop an email at info@theyardgroup.com.au or call us by dialling 1800 843 927, our representative will be more than happy to serve you.

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, we guarantee that we will always be reliable and have no hidden fees.



We deliver your orders anywhere in Parramatta & Greater Sydney areas.



Providing 24-hour service 6 days a week, your order will be delivered anytime you need it.

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