Garden Soil - Mulch - Manure

Garden Soil - Mulch - Manure

If you’re planning on landscaping or renovating your garden and finally growing your own herbs and vegetables, The YARD is the place for you.

The material we use to ensure the quality and durability of your commercial or residential property includes soils, mulches and manures. But also note that we provide an enticing selection of gravel, sand and hardware to achieve your landscaping needs.

We offer our products bagged, loose, or in bulk quantities of half tonne, one tonne or cubic metre, depending on your needs.

Let our team help you decide what you need to accomplish your garden or yard project, and we’ll guarantee your total satisfaction!

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Premium Garden Mix near me - Landscaping Supplies - Soil

Premium Garden Mix

Premium Garden Mix is a specialised garden soil containing coarse sand, graded ash, coco peat and composted organics. It can be used for a wide range of purposes including potting up of plants – specifically useful with managing the growth and improvement of Azaleas, Camellias and indoor plants.

Organic Garden Mix - Landscaping Supplies - Soil

Organic Garden Mix

Organic Garden Mix is also useful for growing vegetables, herbs and fruit plants. With its course sand component, it is also free draining which helps plants grow quickly, helping to maintain healthy root structures that some plants require.

Organic Top Dressing - Landscaping Supplies - Soil Near Me

Organic Top Dressing

Organic Top Dressing is a high quality soil mix made from 25% double washed River Sand, 25% Soil and 50% composted organics. It is combined with a base fertiliser to help aid turf growth within its first 12 month growing season. The organic content within the mixture has a pH level of 6.0-7.0.

Turf Underlay - Landscaping Supplies - Landscaping near me

Turf Underlay

Turf Underlay is a specifically designed soil product for all turf development and refurbishment as a free draining medium. Ideal for turf growth and root support, it is also an excellent use to fill in depleted turf areas for regrowth and perfect for stabilising uneven ground areas.

Sand Soil Blend - Landscaping Supplies - Near Me

Sand & Soil 50-50

50-50 Sand-Soil blend is made from both screened rivers and, and Greenlife compost. It is an excellent choice for filling in depleted soil areas i.e. lawn and can also be used for mixing through clay areas as a way to allow both moisture and oxygen from reaching the soil.

Top Soil - Landscaping Supplies - Near Me

Top Soil

With healthy plant growth and soil stabilisation, this top soil provides a thin, free draining medium to cover soil and garden areas to help prevent soil erosion, prevent soil decay and assists with moisture retention in both the morning and evening times where necessary. Without top soil, plant life is limited.

Bagged Soils, Mulches & Manures

Green Life Soil - Landscape Supplies - Premium Potting Mix 30L Bag

Premium Potting Mix

Green Life Soil - Landscape Supplies -Garden Mix 30L Bag

Garden Mix

Green Life Soil - Landscape Supplies - Professional Potting Mix 30L Bag

Professional Potting Mix

Green Life Soil - Landscape Supplies - Native Mix 30L Bag

Native Potting Mix

ANL Australian National Line - Herb and Vege Mix 30L Bag

Organic Herb & Vegetable Mix

Green Life Soil - Landscape Supplies - Mulch and Compost 30L Bag

Mulch & Compost

ANL Australian National Line - Compost 25L Bag

Organic Compost

ANL Australian National Line - Cow and Compost 30L Bag

Cow & Compost

ANL Australian National Line - Cow Manure 30L Bag

Cow Manure

ANL Australian National Line - Chicken Manure 25L Bag

Chicken Manure

ANL Australian National Line - Super 6 25L Bag

Super 6

ANL Australian National Line - Turf Top Dress 25L Bag

Turf Top Dress

ANL Australian National Line - Turf Underlay

Turf Underlay

ANL Australian National Line - Eucy Mulch 60L Bag

Eucalyptus Mulch

ANL Australian National Line - Redwood Chip 60L Bag

Redwood Chip

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